Revolution In The Heart

The true revolution happens within the heart.

Elections and the results are only so much māya. Detach from the fruit of your actions and keep focus on doing what is right.

Your homeless neighbor will remain hungry regardless of which millionaire occupies our national palace. It is criminal to think they are soliciting donations from a populace that is crowdfunding healthcare.

Stop giving the bullies free rent in your mind and make space for the people who deserve it.

If asking "what would Jesus do" doesn't get you there, ask what would Fred Rogers do, or John Lennon, or Nipsey Hussle.

You really think humanity only had one Christ? Jesus of Nazareth was one man, but the Christ-conscious message of Universal Love and Service knows no time or place.

Attachment to the material world only guarantees you will return to the material world when you die.

The material world degrades with every age, this is a fact reinforced by Vedic science. Sure, the weed gets stronger, but so do the hurricanes and forest fires.

In other words, taking rebirth in this world is a bum deal.

Break the cycle of rebirth by realizing your true Self - an illumined soul, trapped inside a meat casing - and know that this Self cannot die.

Jai Mata Durga,


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