As the god-dad of two Black babies and step-pappy to three kids who are mixed, but will always be seen by the White world as Black, I have a duty to stand up against racism, white supremacy, and discrimination, no matter the cost.

And even if I didn't have those kids in my life, I would still be duty-bound to do the right thing. To be an upstander, not some passive bystander.

It isn't always meetings and handshakes. Perhaps that's where all the suit-and-briefcase advocate types fail: they can argue, but they can't fight. Antifa and the like can fight, but they can't argue.

I'm not ashamed to admit that when I've thrown hands in the past several years, it's been directed at racists and abusers and only in defense. And I've won each time.

My commitment to equity and justice will cost me some of that oh-so-precious privilege, of being white, being not just college educated but with a Master's degree, and being a man, and I don't care. It's cost me relationships with people that I dare not ever call friends or family.


What's right is rarely if ever popular. Marching is cool, protesting is nice, and while breaking shit is awesome, have any of these little white kids dressed like ninjas actually asked a Black person their opinion on Starbucks windows?

Fighting for civil rights and toppling this thing we call the state are two separate causes. Believe that. If our society collapses due to insurrection, revolution, or an invasion, do you really think the oppression would stop?

I keep saying, real activism is boring as fuck. Most of it is done over the phone, email, or Zoom. Truth be told, I don't think most of the Black Bloc army could handle the tedium. But someone's gotta do it.

Power is never given by the state to the people - history has shown it is always something to be taken.

Show your support for others by doing more than just throwing up a hashtag. Real advocacy, real activism is taking place - you're just not ever going to see it on social media.


Counselor, musician, sahajdhari Sikh. I left academia and journalism to go see 48 states and find God, learning more than I ever did in a classroom on the way.

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