Khalistan, Land That I Love

When I ran for office last year, I was very selective in listing my affiliations. I am loyal to no politician or party. Instead, I support causes. #SFJ, Sikhs for Justice, was one of them. I have great love for the Sikh philosophy and way of life.

For my friends who speak Punjabi, the word "sahajdhari" applies to me.

The goal of Sikhs For Justice is for Punjab to secede from India and be a Sikh-administered nation-state called #Khalistan, "land of the Khalsa."

In the midst of the Modi government's horrific under-response to the COVID pandemic, the need is evident for radical change to come to the Indian subcontinent. What is one bloated nation could - and should - be seven, at least.

It begins with Khalistan. Kashmir and Jammu next.

My concern with American politics is limited to my community and the immediate issues that affect it. Beyond that, I see a staggering giant that truly is "too big to fail," and that scares me.

The formation of Khalistan is as crucial as the establishment of Palestine. Sikhs have a history of social justice, because ideas such as feminism, egalitarianism, and pluralism are central beliefs dating back to their founder, Guru Nanak.

This cause has its opposition, especially from the Indian government.

In accordance with the United Nations, SFJ is pursuing a vote, #Referendum2021, to show the people's demand for a Khalistani state.

Anyway, expect a lot more of this in my Twitter feed. There’s a lot to be done behind the scenes.

If you’re intrigued, message me. The Left should be amplifying this issue. If you’re not interested, keep scrolling, there’s a meme somewhere awaiting your "like."

Please join me in supporting this worthy effort.

Rev. Alex DiBlasi 🕉

Aloha, OR

Counselor, musician, sahajdhari Sikh. I left academia and journalism to go see 48 states and find God, learning more than I ever did in a classroom on the way.

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