When I ran for office last year, I was very selective in listing my affiliations. I am loyal to no politician or party. Instead, I support causes. #SFJ, Sikhs for Justice, was one of them. I have great love for the Sikh philosophy and way of life.

For my friends who speak Punjabi, the word "sahajdhari" applies to me.

The goal of Sikhs For Justice is for Punjab to secede from India and be a Sikh-administered nation-state called #Khalistan, "land of the Khalsa."

In the midst of the Modi government's horrific under-response to the COVID pandemic, the need is evident…

Emancipation is Self-Realization. The movement for Dharmic Indigeneity is helping to unite the righteous global cause of social justice with the rediscovery of our spiritual selves. These efforts are our greatest asset to decolonize the planet.

“The Lord [Shiva] sits in all our hearts.
All of reality comes from the Lord.
Abandon materialism — lust after nothing.
All of reality belongs to the Lord.”
Isha Upanishad, 1 (author’s translation)

Short, sweet, and to the point, the Isha is traditionally placed first in any collection of the Upanishads. The Isha greets the seeker with this opening verse. So potent is this single verse that Mahatma Gandhi once said, “if (all Hindu scriptures were destroyed and) only the first verse of the Ishopanishad were left in the memory of the Hindus, Hinduism would live forever.” …

New Beginnings with Ancient Wisdom


God has many names. They are all different labels for the same Creator who made us and everything in this Universe. On this occasion, I publicly re-dedicate myself to higher living in pursuit of peace, wisdom, and liberation from the bondage of material life.

Today is the Vedic holiday Maha Shivratri, "the Great Night of Lord Shiva." This marks my seventh year honoring this holy day, but my first year celebrating as a devotee of Saiva Siddhanta, a Vedic tradition that exalts Shiva as the Supreme Lord.

It has been a year of shake-ups and setbacks, balanced by renewal…

Part Two: …and Beyond

Like I was saying, if elected to the United States House of Representatives, I will serve as a Progressive. At this stage, I have no insight regarding vote totals, but when folks let me know they voted for me, I tell them they didn’t just vote for me.

They voted for a platform that believes Black lives matter, that climate change is real, that free healthcare is a human right, that our current political system is a rigged game that serves a privileged few, and that American imperialism must end.

Part One: The Election

Election 2020 is winding up for the big dance number next Tuesday and I’m already looking ahead. Before I get into the big picture, let’s talk about the immediate future. As a participant in this nationwide beauty pageant, I recognize the importance of my role as a candidate and that I have a platform and a duty to promote it.

My platform is to voice my conscience and give at least one big pitch for the ballot I cast in 2020. …

The Green Party supports all efforts of self-determination as part of the global decolonization movement.

The Bolivian people have had their say: Socialist leader Luis Arce is the new President. This comes after a fascist coup that overthrew the Indigenous-led government of President Evo Morales late last year. The Pacific Green Party stands in solidarity with the Bolivian people and their newly-elected leader.

President-elect Arce has pledged to restore Bolivian diplomacy with Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran. He has also declared independence from the Capitalist-controlled International Monetary Fund. For these reasons, Americans can expect mainstream talking points on Bolivia to condemn what was a people’s victory, free from US influence. …

A few words about solutions for the homeless

I’ve had more people effectively split hairs with me over the political correctness of “houseless" versus “homeless” far more than I’ve heard the same advocates condemn the cruel economic system that leaves humans unhoused.

Typical mental wormhole: we’re left to bicker over the minutiae while the fat cats operating the broken system continue to count their coins.

This thing we call "the state" should not just treat the symptoms, but the disease.

If they have money for homeless folks to have space to shit and shower, why don't they have the funding for spaces for them to sleep?

Throwing money…

The true revolution happens within the heart.

Elections and the results are only so much māya. Detach from the fruit of your actions and keep focus on doing what is right.

Your homeless neighbor will remain hungry regardless of which millionaire occupies our national palace. It is criminal to think they are soliciting donations from a populace that is crowdfunding healthcare.

Stop giving the bullies free rent in your mind and make space for the people who deserve it.

If asking "what would Jesus do" doesn't get you there, ask what would Fred Rogers do, or John Lennon, or Nipsey Hussle.

You really think humanity only had…

We need to talk about the two very different schools of thought within the eco movement.

Take fifteen seconds to close your eyes and visualize the answer to this question: What do you see when you think of climate change?

Where does your mind take you?

Is it a vision of scenarios where all humans are a cancer on the planet, or scenes of greed where the selfish actions of a moneyed few create a hideous reality for the rest of us?

Somewhere along the way, civilization lost sight of its role to coexist with the biosphere. Corporations abuse the planet the way our military brutalizes Muslim-majority nations. …

The real scandal is Trump paying tribute to Narendra Modi and Rodrigo Duterte while exploiting US tax code

Well then. Let’s talk about Donald Trump paying six figures in taxes to the governments of India and the Philippines. (I know, Russia seems sexier, but it’s not there and that is not the point.) He paid $145k to India and $156,824 to the Philippines.

Plenty of people are gonna focus on Trump and the IRS. Go ahead, it's a rabbit hole. Chances are he has taken advantage of every legal loophole offered to him by our broken tax system.

The same ones that gave us Michael Bloomberg, one of the top 20 richest people on Earth, who ran for…

Alex DiBlasi

ॐ The Vedic Anarchist minister/counselor you didn’t know you needed — I’m here to wake minds and save souls. Not your daddy’s pastor. Namasivaya! ॐ

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